Apple & Sonos Product

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Apple and Sonos Product

New product and feature from two big names.


Sonos has a new sound-bar coming out. Called “Beam”, it’s basically a smaller version of the Playbar, more suitable for smaller rooms. Beam also features Alexa voice control built-in and comes at a lower price point of $399 opposed to $699, it’s expected to start shipping next month.


Apple Airplay has been around since 2010. This cutting edge technology was/is very impressive. However, in 2010 I had requested that Apple enable features to allow us to use their product for multi-room music, including party mode to sync each devices output (like Sonos does).

Well, better late than never - Apple has now released this Airplay2 feature available to MOST of their product. This is great news however, still a slight disappointment as they haven’t enabled this feature on their affordable Airport Express.

The "Airport" line of products (including the Express), is becoming discontinued however, I have read they are working on “upgrading the firmware” to enable the Express. My optimistic guess is Airplay2 will be available with a new Express replacement, not yet announced.

Once (and if) they enable this feature on the Express or offer it's replacement at a matching price, it could be good news for some Apple users on a budget with a multi-zone house to fill with music (because you could just buy an Express at $99 per zone instead of, for example, a Sonos Connect for $349).