Ambient is the New Off

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Aside from the great picture, built-in voice control, and other new features of the 2018 Samsung QLED lineup, one of the most - could be - appealing features is their “Ambient is the New Off” feature. The TV can be a chameleon to match the wall it’s mounted to. Colors, texture, and even patterns like brick and wall-papering. When in Ambient mode, the TV “disappears”.

Yes wall-paper is in if you haven’t heard ;). Our first house had wall-paper, I recall my wife and I joking as we peeled it off the walls wondering why would this ever be accepted. Yet now, less than ten years later, we’re looking to paper our current Dining Room.

This new TV feature stirred a thought; after paper, how about we add a new QLED and dual-purpose the Dining Room into a Conference room. You don’t want a big TV in your Dining Room but, you need one in a 2018 conference room, perfect right! Lol, not sure my wife will buy the idea but, it’s now an option for those who run a business from home.

Please know this new feature of the Samsung TVs isn’t a competition to their “Frame” TV lineup, instead it’s an alternative; The Frame TV is intended to be mounted where there should be a picture on the wall and the new Ambient is off TV is intended to go on a wall that should have nothing on it..

For more info on the new 2018 line, check the “confidential” dealer webinar link below. It is long so, as a consumer I wouldn’t expect you to watch the entire thing (& not sure why it’s confidential but, the link may only be available to click for a limited time if I find a reason).

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