Picture Box

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Picture Box - TV Installation Services San Diego CA by Wave Connects

I do enjoy watching a good show from time to time but… I don’t like TV. I don’t like watching TV, I don’t like my kids watching TV, I don’t like the idea of being on the couch when the sun is out, I don’t like the idea of living vicariously through the lives of people on a TV rather than simply doing. Hence, I especially don’t like seeing a black-void space-consuming TV on my wall when not in use. This leads me to question: why have we not yet sold any of these Samsung “The Frame” TVs?? I thought these would be selling quick but, we haven’t had the privilege to install one since they were released a couple months back (not having a sales team I suppose doesn’t help). This TV and the whole idea behind it sound awesome to me. The TV is intended to stay on when not in use, using very little energy it is instead a piece of art on your wall. Prices have recently dropped, they do have great reviews, and we’d be happy to sell and/or install, or just come to your house and see what picture you have up! And yes, they of course are 4k, HERE for more specs. Happy Halloween everybody!!