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There’s a few things happening now worth noting in this endless timeline of technological advancements:

1) The new AppleTV (4th generation) was just released this week! I haven’t had a chance to play with one yet but.. I’m slightly skeptical of the added price tag, starting at $149; all the demo videos of the new unit show it having added Siri (voice-control), some gaming options (using the new AppleTV remote as a game controller or optional gaming controllers available), & better user interface. Not sure what else may make it worth the price lift. I’ll find out soon enough and I’m sure it will be wonderful.

2) Basic cable gone? Now basic cable with a “required” digital box? The sun has set according to the cable companies yet, we still have many homes with TVs wired to the wall and basic cable still works (for the most part). There are some warning banners injected on certain channels that the channel will disappear, and a limited amount of channelling has disappeared but, for the most part, we still have “basic cable” without the “required” converter. If you haven’t knocked on wood now, your basic cable may very soon be gone!

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3) AT&T acquired DirecTV! Now you can bundle your internet service with high-quality DirectTV service.
If you travel a lot, DirecTV might be the way to go with their “Genie Go”. This device lets customers transfer DVR content to their mobile devices and lets them watch DirecTV and their DVR content on up to 5 mobile devices from anywhere in the world with a wifi connection.
Their Genie DVR also does 4k and, now they have 4k “minis”. In the beginning (earlier this year) only Samsung TV's were able to stream 4k content from DirecTV. Now with the new 4k minis all the new 4k TVs can be hooked up.
For more DirecTV knowledge or, to inquire on a free consultation from true DirecTV experts, contact our associate (& DirecTV guru); Rainer Zach from SynchronizedHomeSolutions.com.

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4) That brings up the 4k question… is a 4k TV worth the extra money? Although there’s slightly more content now (and building), I’ll quote myself from an email I sent to a customer in September that was asking. I replied:
“If you really want the best picture... Then maybe.
I personally don't see the value when looking at the amount of 4K content available. Not to mention that I don't have 20/20 vision so I probably wouldn't ever see the difference even with a microscope.
I feel as though the picture quality of the regular models is very good, enough without the need to be pushing the envelope to up-sell; 3D, 4K, curved screens, 4 color spectrums, etc...
But to each his own, and we'd probably have more sales if I were convinced the contrary! “
- Paul