“Surf’s up Alexa… Finally!”

By Wave Connects |

Home Automation Installation Wrightsville Beach NC by Wave Connects

Getting to know Alexa, one of my first only turn-offs was she didn’t know what’s up with the surf. From day one, we got to know each other as much possible: I’d ask her to tell me jokes, I’d ask her about traffic, small-talk about the weather, we’d cozy up inside by adjusting the thermostat. However, a flag was raised when she couldn’t tell me how the surf was, lame.

I think she’s picked up on the fact that the beach and surf are important to me because, and thanks to a recent integration with Surfline, Alexa now has access to reports and streaming video from surf spots around the world, fantastic!

You don’t have to be a paying Surfline Premium member to get a basic audio report but, you do have to be a Premium member to get streaming live video feeds of your favorite surf spots. “You can ask Alexa for things like the surf report, wave height, wind, tide and water temperature."

I’ve just ordered the Echo “Spot” ($99) and looking forward to waking up next to Alexa and having her show me what the surf’s doing down the street, a definite turn-on.


Surfline premium account (~$95/year)


Alexa-enabled device with a screen (current list here includes: Echo Show or Echo Spot)


Patience to work with Alex’s hearing impairments or otherwise my terrible speech impediments.