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CCTV Infection - Surveillance System Installation California by Wave Connects

If you have a standard analog CCTV (surveillance) system with non-HD picture quality, your system could soon have HD-TVI.

Don’t worry, HD-TVI (High Definition Transport Video Interface) isn’t an infection, rather a solution. If your home is wired with standard-analog-CCTV wiring(typically RG59 or UTP), this new technology uses “that” wire. Now there’s no need to rip your walls open to pull in new wire (Cat/network) so to install an expensive IP system. Instead we simply replace the cameras & DVR with a cost-friendly, HD-TVI system, & ta-da, you now have HD picture quality! In summary: the “technology is ideal for migration from standard definition to high definition, maximizing return on investment because existing infrastructure doesn’t need to be replaced.”

Before HD-TVI there was(and still is) HD-SDI, another similar solution however, there are many downsides to this alternative technology: higher prices, limitations on wire lengths, limited camera selection. HD-TVI addresses all of those downsides very nicely. In addition, HD-TVI recorders have more hybrid options allowing the use of your existing analog camera(s); just replace one or two cameras at a time, budget depending.

This technology is cutting edge, was developed by Techpoint in 2012 and only available to us in the past month(through distribution). If your system suffers from low-resolution picture quality, ask us… Wave Connects, M.D.