Digitization Heads Up

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Digitization Heads Up - Wifi Installation Wrightsville Beach NC by Wave Connects

If you have cable TV service, you’ve probably already received notice they are “going digital” and you will need a digital set-top box/converter for every TV in the house. This message is important for those TVs connected to just basic cable (“basic cable” is having the coax wire plugged directly into the back of the TV and using the TVs internal tuner to get channeling).

The digital converter boxes are currently being offered at a discount by your cable company. By mid-October, every TV with cable service will have a box required. This transition allows for more HD channeling, more reliable service (since the cable company will be able to "ping” their boxes), and a slightly increased cable bill (after the first year in many cases ~$2/box/month).

TV setups that should not be directly affected by this change include: Uverse, DirecTV, Dish Network, OTA antennas, & network streaming.

Of course we’ll be here to help if anyone needs assistance with the transition!