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Hi-Definitely - Security Camera Installation North Carolina by Wave Connects

  • Our friends at Synchronized Home Solutions just informed me that tomorrow, the Masters Golf Tournament held later this week (April 7-10) will be broadcasted in 4k through DirecTV.
    “This is the first-ever live 4k Ultra High Definition (UHD) sports broadcast in the U.S. and DirectTV created a new channel dedicated to 4k UHD content. That’s 4 times the resolution of 1080p HD!” Also FYI - If you’ve got a 4k TV and have cable TV, you might want to consider switching to Satellite TV (not cable) as they are currently the only source of 4k channels and shows.
  • Speaking of higher definition… Surveillance systems that used to be ridiculously priced to get HD quality, are now much more cost effective. We’ve been doing lots of new camera installations with great success using HD-TVI cameras to replace standard old cameras(using the same old wiring), or IP cameras for most new installs. From just a couple years ago, there’s a HUGE difference (not quite 4k but surpasses 1080 in most cases).

If you’re considering a career in crime, you may want to reconsider :).

On another note (and not to completely batter the cable company(s))… Heads up if you have Cox internet and an Apple network, they aren’t compatible at the moment and likely causing you frequent network dropouts.

  • The only resolution at the time being is to replace the router. Some have had success changing the IPV6 settings on the Extreme but, even then it may slow the network down or not work.Common symptom is network dropping every day or so, caused by the DNS cycle change by Cox services.

    [***Potential temporary fix - to turn off iPv6 on the Airport Extreme (more precisely (internet > Internet Options > Configure Ipv6 : Link-Local Only)]

Luxul is our go-to brand for routers, let us know, we can help!