How Amazon Key For Business Makes Deliveries Easier

By Wave Connects |


With the introduction of the Amazon franchise, purchasing products has never been easier. When you place an order for different goods through the e-commerce platform, it conveniently packages and delivers your purchases to your home or workplace. Unfortunately, on days that you aren’t home or at the workplace, your package may be sent back or left on your doorstep. If your products are left unattended outside your house, the chances of it getting stolen are high. On the other hand, if your package is taken back, you may be faced with the hassles of coordinating with the delivery person to prevent your order from getting canceled.

To avoid the inconveniences we’ve just mentioned, Amazon has introduced an open delivery option called Amazon Key for Business. It is a smart way for residential and commercial buildings to receive packages. To use the Amazon Key for Business, it must be integrated with the building’s access system. That way, you can grant the Amazon delivery person temporary access to complete deliveries. Once the delivery is completed, their authorization will be canceled.

Amazons’ advanced package delivery system is designed to inform office security, tenants, and owners of multi-dwelling buildings about deliveries due from Amazon and allow them to give access to the delivery person to complete the drop-off. Through this system, users can control which entry points the delivery person is given access to and information about when the delivery person entered and exited the building.

This multi-factor authentication system has the capacity to increase building security, improve delivery accuracy, reduce costs, add a significant amenity, and offer convenience to all. Also, you no longer have to coordinate with the delivery driver over the phone, as they can be given access to the building at the approved time.

If you’re wondering what an amazing feature like this cost, you’ll be surprised to know that is is absolutely free. If you connect with Wave Connects today, we will help you integrate the Amazon Key for Business with your security access system right away. We are experts in home automation installation and services in California and are renowned in this community. All our technicians are registered Alarm Company Employees (ACE), which means we’ve had federal background checks, fingerprinting, and further screenings. So you can rest assured knowing that we will stick to our promises and do our jobs as per your expectations.

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