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2012 - 2013 News Articles

[Social Hype, Golf, Baby.]

    Despite my occupation, I’ve never been into Face-booking, Tweeting, Insta-gramming, or the like. Not sure if it’s lack of interest or time, but.... I’ve got a new product in development that all these sources will play a huge roll in spreading the word (according to my Social Media Guru). We have a campaign in the making and yesterday I became active on Facebook, I’m now trying to catch up to the curve. Things are much different than they were only five years ago, it’s unbelievable!
    If you Golf (or know anyone that does), this invention may be of interest. Click on the link below to see more about Partender Headcovers and by all means, I hope you “like” it!
    We are relying on technology and social media to get this product out, I thought that was interesting enough to write on here. Just a couple mouse- clicks will help make this project come to life, thank you for the support!

(Grayson & Garren James)

    In other news, and even more personal... we recently had another baby boy! Garren Paul James was born healthy and happy on October 24th. We’ve since been training him on wire terminations, surveillance equipment, and speaker installation.


[Five Brief]
    In the past couple months, there has been such an abundance of new products and developments. Here’s the brief on five:

1) ESPN 3D dropping after low adoption. “Confirmed by ESPN officials”, they will be pulling their 3D channel at the end of 2013.... which launched on June 11th, 2010.

2) RTI has a new remote - the T2x is a replacement for the recently discontinued T2C, which is/was a great remote. This sleek-looking, 5th-generation T2 remote includes some improved technology including “gesture control, WiFi and more”.

3) iPhone iOS7 - was released. I’m still behind the times with my iPhone 4s... with the new platform installed, the idea seems right but there are MANY bugs. I can’t wait for the fix, again the fix is likely me getting the new iPhone5!

4) Control4, a merely 10-year old home automation company, is now trading on Nasdaq. They started on Aug 2, 2013 “offering four million shares at $16 (before underwriting discounts)”.

5) The new Russound XStream series coming in December. There’s not much press released on the details yet but this will be a new “decentralized” multi-room solution, quite different from Russound’s prior centralized-based systems.

[Romeo Returns]

    I’ve been slacking on my “monthly” newsletters here but rest assured I haven’t been on vacation! Our schedule has been slightly overbooked for the past few months and between my wild 17-month old son, crazy dog, and pregnant wife, I’ve been working on a couple new products.  Wishfully thinking... Once we have UL certification and the patents are further along, I’ll be excited to write about them here.

    The most recent product I’ve found note-worthy is the new TIVO Roamio. A good customer of ours brought this to my attention, asking if it would replace his Slingbox. Slingbox allows you to view your home cable box (or other video device) in live-time by streaming the content to your laptop or portable device.
    Roamio doesn’t quite do what Slingbox will do yet... Currently it will allow you to remotely view what’s recorded on your DVR. They do have a feature “soon to be available” remotely called “Record & Watch” which will allow remote viewing of a live show you are recording, similar to using Slingbox.
    My parents have TIVO and LOVE IT, I never really understood why. I have it at our house and just like it... this new Roamio might win me over.
    Wave Connects is a TIVO certified dealer, if you have cable (not Uverse or Satellite), this may be a good option for you.

Ask us or see link below to learn more:
Link - TIVO Roamio

[Some-What New Stuff]  


    There’s lots of new products & services out this year (as usual). Here’s two from each category worth mentioning:

1) In our local social world - Check out the Smart Phone App “Uber” (iPhone/Android). It takes ~3 minutes to create an account & save your CC info. Anytime you want a Black Lincoln Town Car  to pick you up in style, simply  press “Request Black Car”, the map shows where the closest car is, gives you ETA, estimates, etc. I’ve heard they are usually 15 minutes or less. For your first ride, use this promo code for $10 off - 07hhe

2) If you’re moving, or just shopping for Cable/Telephone/Internet... Call (888) 986-8206, they’ll save you the hassle of shopping providers by unbiasedly informing you of your options (& pricing), & will set the appointment(s) for install.

1) In the surveillance security world, we now offer some new cameras from Mobotics. Their Panorama Focus cameras are pretty impressive, you should check out this link to a quick 26 second demo recording. The recording was taken from a single camera! 


2) For the audio world, we’ve been having great results with Sonos. They have their new PLAYBAR which looks & works like a regular TV sound bar. PLUS it has Sonos house music capabilities, such as joining the other Sonos house music zones in your home, and streaming Pandora/etc. LINK CLICK HERE


[Angie’s List Magazine]

         Angie's List selected Wave Connects among one of the 15 Best Contractor’s listed in this current issue of Angie’s List Magazine, and the only Home Theater Company… may I add.

          Angie’s List “Best Contractors come from a variety of popular categories and must qualify for the prestigious 2012 Angie’s List Super Service Award, which requires they have a current and overall grade of A, a minimum number of work-done reviews in the reporting period and be in good standing with Angie’s List. The Best must also have a flawless current record and multiple Page of Happiness nominations in the past year. Those extra requirements put them in the top 1 percent of contractors eligible for the SSA nationwide.”

             We look forward to maintaining our reputation in the years to come!


[A Thermostat For Your Nest]

                  If you don’t have a New Year’s resolution yet, why not make one to conserve some wasted energy? This is one of Wave Connects’ 2013 resolutions and why we just became “Nest Certified”. Nest is a “smart” thermostat that is simple to use, can save energy ($$$), and requires just a simple installation.


Did you know:

    1) A whooping 50% of household energy is spent on heating & cooling.

    2) A properly programmed thermostat can save you up to 20% on your energy bill.

    3) 90% of people don’t program their thermostats properly.  This is because they are TOO CONFUSING to use (this has also caused these thermostats to loose their energy star ratings).


                  A Nest thermostat will program itself…. use the thermostat as usual (turn up when cold, down when hot). After a few days you will be adjusting less & less as the system learns your preferences, learns your schedule, learns how quickly your home takes to heat & cool, & will consider the current & upcoming weather conditions (if it’s connected to WiFi).

                  This thermostat is compatible with 95% of all systems, plus with its simple & intuitive user interface, you can control your HVAC system with your smart-phone (or through a web-browser).


   HAPPY NEW YEAR!  2013 is just days away… can we help with your resolution?


[Smart AND Strong]

                  Samsung has a new phone in the works that might actually become “The Next Best Thing”.  Being built with OLED technologies, the screen will be made of plastic instead of glass making these phones: smaller, lighter, more durable, AND flexible! 

                  I’d love to see Apple and Samsung working together on something great however, judging from what I’ve read on all the legal battles between the two companies, they will just have to create products to surpass each other.

                  Samsung is still facing challenges of mass-production but have their sights on the first half of 2013 for release. And Sony… they’ve been working on a similar product since 2002 (scroll down to reference the article I wrote on 6/1/07),  I’ll be excited to finally get my hands on one of these things!


[Attn: iPhone User]

                  I’m sure you’ve heard the new iPhone5 has been released. This is good news but taken with a grain of salt… if you already own an iPhone, be careful.  The new iOS (version 6) operating system upgrade was just released & if you don’t have an iPhone 5 (or 4s for this release) I’m going to recommend you do NOT upgrade the software.

                  Each time a new iPhone is released, new software is also released that may not be compatible with your older iPhone. This new and “upgraded” software is intended for the latest iPhone model otherwise, it creates “bugs and glitches” that are not easily fixed…. very frustrating from past experiences.


                  However, the new iOS6 I just loaded on my newer iPhone is awesome! I haven’t had a chance to play with all the new features but I’ll say just the new GPS navigation system upgrade may be worth getting a new iPhone for.



[Summer Dance]

                  This summer we’ve been busying ourselves with a steady lineup of prewire jobs.  I’m in high hopes that this is a reflection of our country’s building market taking a turn for the better. 

                  A “prewire” job usually involves new construction where we install all our wires inside the guts & studs of the home, in preparation for the finished home (home theater, security, house music, etc).

                  This wiring is the foundation for a fully functioning, fluid, and reliable system. I like to think of these wires as the veins which make the home come to life, there’s no dancing without the music!  Although all these wires are out of sight & buried in the walls when the job is complete, we make sure they look good before the walls get closed up. Neatly bundled wires traveling together and turning at right angles, steering away from electric and other hazards, always puts a smile on my face.

                  Years ago, many contractors looked towards the electrician to tackle these projects… Today, if you’re a contractor without a reliable A/V guy, you’re probably out of business (or on the way out).


                  I hope you’re staying cool this summer & we look forward to making you dance!


[Man cave]

                  Each year, about 100 words are released into our ever-expanding English vocabulary. Among the latest edition of Noah Webster’s reference book is the word “man cave”, along with nine other words.

                  Man cave is defined as:

“a room or space (as in a basement) designed according to the taste of the man of the house to be used as his personal area for hobbies and leisure activities”.

                  Other words deemed worthy were “cloud computing” and “sexting”. The fact that 3 of the 10 words released in this edition are technology based seems to reflect the times we live and the fast paced technology growth we are all a part of. 


[Mi Casa es Su Casa ]

                  If you’re interested in a system controlled with your iPad, iPhone, Android, or, interested how to install a projector... then I welcome you to my home. The video link below is a YouTube video on how I made our unused den into a multipurpose room.


Happy Fourth of July & thanks for watching!




[ New Feature]

         is expected to release a new feature this coming week called Geo-Services. With an alarm system supporting and their Interactive Services, this feature will notify you (via smart-phone) if you enter or exit a specified “geofence” – for example, a 1 mile radius around an address without arming your security system. Next time you leave the house unarmed, this feature will send an alert to your phone to let you know. You can then arm the system remotely with your app… no worries!

                  This new feature is at no additional cost to all Interactive Accounts. Not sure if you qualify? Ask us how…


[Apple Virus!]

      Apple announced today that they are working on a tool to remove a known malware. As of 50 minutes ago, an estimated 650,000 Apple Computers worldwide have been the victim of a trojan – malware package named “Mac Flashback”. This is the first outbreak (I’m aware of) for Apple Computers and has come “thanks to a well-documented flaw that Apple didn’t patch for three months”.


         If you own a Mac Computer, I strongly recommend taking the following two steps to find out if your computer has been infected:


1) Open the Terminal box, which you can do so by typing in the word "Terminal" (no quotes) in the Spotlight search bar (click the magnifying glass icon on top right corner of your screen to open Spotlight).

2) Then, type in the following commands (hitting the return key after each one).

defaults read /Applications/ LSEnvironment

defaults read /Applications/ LSEnvironment

defaults read ~/.MacOSX/environment DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES

IF -

- the response to your commands is "does not exist," then consider yourself lucky.

- it does NOT read “does not exist”, then you should take action immediately:


1) Contact us (Wave Connects), we have good computer guys we work with or can refer.


2) Update your OSX with the latest security patches from Apple, link -


3) Consider some paid Mac Anti-Virus Software. Here are a couple that Fox News has recommended:




4) Disable the Java run-time engine, if you’re not using it (Open the Java Preferences app in the Utilities folder).


5) For the patches and from what I’ve read, currently: you should be running at least Mac OS 10.6 and If you’re on an older PowerPC Mac (Circa 2006), you may want to consider buying a new computer.


In other, better news (and more personal);

         My wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on March 19th. My sleepless nights and required attention is my excuse for the lapse in articles here. Baby Grayson and mom are healthy and we’re all getting into the rhythm of sleep again.

        We are blessed and life is good!

Baby Grayson


[How Can I Watch Breaking Bad?]

         Contrary to what you may think, I’m not a big TV watcher. I grew up basically without television and before I was married, never paid for TV. Recently though, I’ve been hooked on the show “Breaking Bad”. This show is awesome and I won’t get into details but it’s good, I highly recommend it.

         Last night, after watching the final episode of Season 3 (being streamed through Netflix), I was heartbroken that Netflix didn’t have Season 4 for me to continue watching. I now know I can get the Fourth Season through iTunes or from Amazon instant videos but, my PS3 (Play Station 3) doesn’t stream those services.

         Since my PS3 doesn’t get me iTunes or Amazon, I’m left with a decision: should I get an AppleTV to stream iTunes movies, should I get Roku to stream Amazon, then what about Vudu, Hulu, GoogleTV, and all the others?   Unfortunately there’s not a one size fits all here.

         To help others in the same predicament, below is a list of streaming devices with a summary of what each device currently offers. To see more details on what each offer, click the associated links below:


1) AppleTV: Netflix, iTunes, NBA/MLB/NHL Live.


2) Xbox360 – Netflix, HuluPlus, Xbox Live, ESPN.


3) Wii – Netflix, HuluPlu.


4) PS3 – Netflix, HuluPlus, NFL Sunday Ticket, MLB.TV, Vudu.


5) TiVo – Netflix, HuluPlus, Amazon, Blockbuster.


6) RoKu – Netflix, HuluPlus, NBA Game Time, Amazon.


7) GoogleTV – Netflix, NHL, Amazon.


8) Bluray players – Brand & model depending, most will do Netflix.

- Paul T. James


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