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 We prewired this "Smart-Home" as well as the backyard looks.

Isn't outdoors a good place to be?

A home theater doesn't always have to be designated - 


Now you see it...

...Now you don't.



*** NOTE ***

Below video is a "non-typical & cost-effective" install of the above pictured theater. Again, this is NOT a typical installation (was done for my own home which we "flipped").

This beach-side complex is now wired for 19 surround

systems, internet, phone, intercom, TV, and gated entry.

I'm no magician, but..
One button press here (either on-wall or iPhone)
can simultaneously change the lights, turn both music &

fire on, set both the temperature & security, move the TV off the wall,
turn that fan on, PLUS the surveillance cameras appear on screen.

Click image to read full article.

This theater is no joke.
The Italian leather seating made it especially hard to leave.

This Beta-Game Test Center has about every game
console available to play, from Atari to the "PS-6".







Behind the Scenes:


• Dust control • Gigibit verification • Acoustic control • HDMI testing

Some cover-shot homes we've prewired.

Some remotes we've programmed.


• Besides the iPad, the remote shown left is my personal favorite (RTI T3V).

• Yes, that center remote is floating.

• & yes, that remote on the right has a picture of the player piano it controls.


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